Pedal Power in Canberra is offering Deliveroo Riders a free Defensive Cycling Course.

Pedal Power ACT has been working with Ascent Training to develop and pilot a defensive cycling course which aims to improve the safety of people who cycle on Canberra’s streets. The course will focus on improving cyclists’ awareness of the personal and environmental factors which increase the likelihood of accidents and encourage the development of a planned and defensive mindset when cycling on the road. The training program will be based on behavior change psychology, including the Stages of Change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, planning, implementation, maintenance) and self-efficacy theories.

Pedal Power hopes to pioneer a new educational program that focuses on making people who ride bikes more aware of their own behavior when it comes to assessing risks to themselves and others when riding in the urban environment. It is also great for drivers to join in the training so they are more aware of how cyclists use the roads of Canberra. So grab your bike and register now!

Refer back to the Roos Weekly for an invitation link.


*Please note this course is by invitation only.