Picking up McDonald's orders

Picking up McDonald’s orders will be just like any other order you complete.


However, because of how quickly McDonald’s prepares food and how busy their restaurants can get, there are a couple of differences you should be aware of before picking up your first McDonald’s order.

Preparing orders

As McDonald’s has to be able to accommodate so many orders, they have systems in place that enable them to prepare orders very quickly. That means that rather than telling riders when food is ready to be collected, we’ll be letting the restaurant know when you’re nearby.

How does this work?

To alert restaurants when riders are close, Deliveroo will use geofencing technology. This will help to reduce wait times for riders and customers.

Your rider app will let Deliveroo know when you are close to McDonald’s, and will automatically send a notification to the McDonald’s restaurant tablet to let them know to start preparing the order. 

Where to wait

McDonald’s restaurants can be very busy. To avoid overcrowding at the counter, each McDonald’s restaurant will have a designated waiting area for Deliveroo riders. You should wait in this area until you are notified that your order is ready to go. 


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