the pin doesn’t match the customer address!?

Riders have been telling us about the frustrations caused when the pin drop in the app doesn’t match the customer address in the app or vice versa. It’s because of this that we are introducing a new policy for customer address issues.

From now on, when there is an issue with the customer address, such as the pin drop and written address not matching, the following processes will be followed:

  • If the customer informs the live support team of the issue then live support will contact the rider to confirm the correct address information.
  • If the rider discovers the issue they should contact the live support team to inform them of the problem and confirm the correct information.

You will then be able to decide if you would like to continue with the delivery to the correct customer location, or reject the delivery.

If you choose to continue with the delivery then you will receive a fixed fee on top of the original delivery fee offered for completing the delivery.

If you decide you don’t want to complete the delivery to the correct location then the live support team will advise you what to do next, depending on what stage of the delivery you have reached.

The order will likely be cancelled which means it will not appear in your in app earnings, but, even if you decide not to complete the delivery to the correct location, the live support team will escalate a manual fee adjustment to the central rider support team. The adjustment should then be included in your next invoice. It won’t be visible in earnings until your invoice has been fully calculated.

If a customer asks to completely change their delivery address, e.g. a totally different address from the one written in app or where the pin drop indicates, we cannot facilitate this with our system so the order will be cancelled. For that reason if a customer ever asks you to take the order to a different address it is very important that you inform the live support team as soon as possible so that they can ensure you receive the correct fee.