Q&A session

Last week we held a Q&A session in Melbourne to provide riders with the opportunity to ask us anything that’s been on their mind.


We had a great attendance and really appreciate everyone who decided to take the time to participate. Here are a handful of the great questions we received during the session:

Would it be possible for Deliveroo to communicate road works to riders?

We understand that being aware of road-blocks helps you to plan your route. We will do our best to inform riders of events that will significantly obstruct your route, eg. local events with road closures, or major road works. However, for the latest news on road works in your area, we recommend that you subscribe to updates from your local road authority.

VicRoads Road Updates
Queensland Road Conditions
NSW Transport Roads &  Maritime Services
ACT Transport Canberra and City Services
WA Closures & Roadworks
SA roadworks and hazards
Tasmania Road Closures and Delays

What’s going to happen with Free Login after December?

We’ve been receiving lots of positive feedback from riders in the cities where we’ve launched Free Login. Riders tell us they enjoy the increased freedom it gives them, specifically being able to ride wherever and whenever they want. 

After launching Free Login, we have seen a positive impact on two issues that we know are on your mind – restaurant wait times and access to work. We are also taking the feedback we receive from riders into account – if you would like to provide feedback on the topic of Free Login, you can contact Rider Support through the Help Centre.

Free Login is being trialled until 1 January, and we’ll let you know if we plan to keep it beyond 1 January.


Are you going to do anything to reward great service?

Making sure our riders who consistently provide a great service for our customers feel valued is a top priority for our team – we have a range of initiatives in the pipeline that aim to recognise your hard work. We would love for you to let us know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see us do to recognise your great customer service. Have some ideas? please fill out this

Why do we get different fees for the same order at different times?

We’re committed to offering you well paid and flexible work. We strive to offer you fees that reflect the effort required for each delivery, and that result in higher overall earnings for you. There are a number of reasons why you might be offered different fees for the same order at a different time of day, for example if there is increased traffic on the road. To read more about how fees are calculated, check out your earnings with Deliveroo

Now that Deliveroo is using the free login model, does this mean we can log in whenever we want?

You no longer need to book sessions, but each zone has its own operating hours depending on where the area is and what kind of restaurants are available. You will only be able to log into a zone within the operating hours. You can find the opening and closing times of each zone within the “Browse sessions” section of the Planner. Choose the date and the zone you are interested in to view the operating hours at the bottom.

Have questions you’d like to ask? Look out for our next events in your area or fill out our ‘ask us any question form.

Once a month, we will look at the new questions we’ve received and pull together a post on Roo Community to address them.