recap: GM rider roundtable

Last week 14 riders from cities across Australia flew to Melbourne for our very first GM Rider Roundtable. Riders had a tour of our new head office in Melbourne, met with our commercial director, operations managers, customer support managers, and had a roundtable lunch with our General Manager overlooking the Melbourne CBD.

Riders and management discussed a number of issues including; long distances, fees, competitors bags being used by restaurants, restaurant wait times, being sent to the restaurant too early and relationships with restaurant staff.  We are currently investigating all suggestions and insights that our riders gave us and seeing what we can do to make the rider experience even better!

Riders were excited to hear about expansion plans for 2019, and very grateful for having the opportunity to voice concerns and questions with different managers and Levi.

“Just want to say that I am highly thankful for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet with the Deliveroo Team and for everything you have done for us in the trip. It couldn’t be any better”

“thanks for a great day yesterday so many questions were answered”