Recap - Rider Bistro

A few weeks ago, we held our first ever Rider Bistro. Taking place down at Deliveroo Editions in Windsor, we were joined by riders and Royal Stack chefs. With burgers and fries all around, the event allowed riders and chef to talk about everyday roo life.

While both working for Deliveroo, it’s not everyday that the two get to meet. This was a great chance for riders to open up about their experiences riding with Deliveroo. The restaurant team had a new look at how our riders operate on a day to day basis. Restaurant partner were also given the chance to talk about their experiences working under pressure during peak hours.

Both sides play an important role in delivering food and this event was about bringing together our riders and restaurants, and opening up communication.

This was a great opportunity to riders to learn about how a kitchen works, been able to see the chef preparing the food and understanding that sometimes things do always run perfectly. Restaurants were able to understand our riders pain points, in terms of preparation time and long wait time.

Massive thank you to the editions crew and Royal Stacks, and of course our amazing riders.

We can’t wait to host another rider bistro and go even bigger!! See you next time roos.