Rider roundtable recap

Over the past few weeks we’ve been flying around the different cities and holding rider roundtables.

Your feedback has been very valuable to us. It gives the team a better understanding of what’s happening on the road, in your cities. We’ll be passing all your feedback on to the wider team at Deliveroo and working on strategies to address some of the issues.

Below are the main points that have were brought up and what we are currently doing to address these points:

Accepting orders

When we were trialling the 40 second window to accept an order, we received overwhelming feedback that this was not enough time. Earlier this week, we increased the acceptance time to 100 seconds to ensure that you feel you’ve had enough time to decide whether you want to complete the order offered.

Stacked Fees

Riders would like stacked order assignments to be reviewed to see if we can make the routing to customer more effective and make these types of deliveries a more positive experience for riders. As a result of this feedback, the product team in London has scheduled in a review of the Australian stacked order experience and we will be following up with them over the coming weeks to see if there are any updates to be made.

Travelling back to Zone Centre

Many of you have told us that the downside to long distance deliveries is the time wasted traveling back to your booked zone. This is why we have started trialling zone clusters in some areas of Australia, which means, if you complete a delivery outside of your booked zone, we’ll offer you orders in that zone when they are available. This means you don’t have to wait until you’re near the login area to start earning again.

Keep an eye on your emails to see if this will be launching in your area.  

University Access

It’s difficult trying to find parking at universities and it gets frustrating trying to deliver food to the customers because there are lots of buildings to navigate. Our team has been looking at how we can solve this problem for riders.  We are continuing to investigate better map integrations and meeting points for customers to meet riders on campus.

ADFA in Canberra

Some riders have mentioned they aren’t comfortable completing orders to ADFA due to the lack of lighting during night.

Our rider engagement associate, Mia, has a phone conference scheduled with Access Canberra next week to discuss lighting and rider safety concerns on Northcott Drive, which leads to ADFA.

However, if you do not feel safe completing orders in the area, we suggest you reject the order and notify live support. If you do choose to complete order in the area and witness illegal activity or fear for you safety, please call 000. With regards to the broken street light, please contact your council and let them know of the issue.

Rate your order

When completing a stack order, the rating system is not clear and you are unsure of which order you’re rating. We are always gathering feedback like this and passing it onto our product team in London to ensure we always improve your rider experience within the app.

Restaurant Staff

Restaurant staff often don’t realise there’s a Deliveroo rider waiting to pick up an order. Riders would like to see Deliveroo work more closely with restaurants and their staff to give them better training on the Deliveroo process.

We are continuing to advocate for riders and liaise with Account Managers all around Australia by bringing attention to particular areas where we can improve restaurant / rider relationships. We will be planning more Rider Bistros and other engagement events to help facilitate this.

If you would like a Rider Bistro in your area let us know by emailing [email protected]

SSB Statistics

We are working internally to see how we can continue to improve the SSB segmentation calculation to highlight rider efforts but also align with their lifestyle and last minute situations that might pop up.

If you have something that you would like to discuss with our Engagement Team, please fill out this survey so we can determine where we should visit next.