rider story: juan

Meet Juan. He’s been riding with us for almost a year and a half. He’s currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Business, hoping to work in the food industry. He used to run his own business in Colombia and now is thinking of opening up his own Colombian fusion restaurant here. “Everyone talks about Colombian coffee, but not about the food.”

When he first moved here from Colombia he didn’t think he’d even be able to ride his motorbike. “I really enjoyed riding my motorbike. In Colombia I was having to go to the race track to ride. When I came here the last thing I thought I was going to do was ride a bike.”

Working with Deliveroo has given him the joy of riding and earning at the same time – and the inspiration to open up his restaurant. “It’s because of Deliveroo. I didn’t ever think of getting into the food industry, but I do now, seeing how it really goes and getting to know restaurant owners.”

Since riding with us Juan has grown a small group of close knit rider friends. “We have a small friend circle. And I met them all through Deliveroo. And we have our own spot where have coffee. They’re like my bunch.”

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