Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Sheeraz

Meet Sheeraz, he’s been riding with Deliveroo for nearly 2 years and still enjoys riding, and meeting different people while out on the road. As a big foodie, he’s discovered a lot of new restaurants.

To work with Deliveroo has been the best decision that I ever made. This is the first job that I never get tired or bored of. I met loads of friends through Deliveroo, that’s one more thing that I am thankful to Deliveroo about.”

As a Ph.D. student flexibility is, super important to Sheeraz. Riding with Deliveroo allows him to fit his work around his studies.

If he’s not riding or studying, you could find him playing table tennis or FIFA online. “Thanks to Deliveroo, I made so many friends that nowadays I just don’t play soccer online but also in real life.”

We asked Sheeraz what his favourite part of riding with Deliveroo, this is what he had to say:

There are millions of things that I feel like is amazing about working with Deliveroo.”

1) “Working hours flexibility”
2) “Making new acquaintances”
3) “Not just delivering food but also discovering restaurants that you never know existed.”
4) “Last but not least, Deliveroo is the company who knows how to take care of its riders and the customers.”