Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Allan

Allan has been riding with Deliveroo in Brisbane for almost 3 years! Find out about his hobbies, why he loves riding with Deliveroo, and his recent inspiration to become a chef…



Tell us a bit about yourself

I first moved to Australia from Brazil to learn English. In Brazil, I was a graduated pharmacist and spent 3 years working in the industry. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of riding with Deliveroo?

Doing deliveries in Australia stimulated me to follow older dreams… and I hadn’t realised that one of them was cooking professionally.

Going to restaurants picking up food gave me a kind of push to start my dream, so I started with applying to kitchen jobs. I have worked in a few restaurants in Brisbane as a kitchen hand since 2017, and last year I moved to a chef position doing grill, fryers, salads and pizza. Unfortunately the restaurant I was working at has closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so since then I’ve been working at a small Italian pizza shop and I qualified as a chef last month.

I’m still studying commercial cookery, doing Certificate IV, and a further Diploma in hospitality and management.

Outside of cooking, I love sports, going to the gym, running, and cycling.

Why did you start riding with Deliveroo, and what do you enjoy most about it?

When I arrived in Australia, I wanted to find a job that would give me the freedom to choose when I work, as well as the ability to work outside and meet new people.

That’s what I enjoy most – the flexibility to work when I like, and not be stuck inside an office for 8 hours a day!

One of my biggest dreams is to run my own restaurant, doing authentic Brazilian food.

I think all the riders have big dreams, and Deliveroo has helped me a lot through this beautiful journey in Australia.

Are there any tips you would like to give to new riders?

When doing deliveries, make sure to concentrate on the traffic, but at the same time make sure you enjoy the view, fresh air, and sunlight! It will make the process so much more enjoyable. It’s also great when you see customers smile. You can literally change someone’s day.