Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Kavya

Meet Kavya! She has been riding in Sydney for just over 7 months.


What do you do outside of riding?

I’m an accounting student in my final semester of studies. If I’m not studying or riding, I love watching movies!

Why did you start riding with Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is flexible, and I enjoy providing an experience that makes customers happy. Riding with Deliveroo lets me do this.

What is your favourite part of riding with Deliveroo?

I love being my own boss and not having to feel pressure from others.

Do you have any Delivery stories you would like to share with other riders?

I get deliveries from the same people every day, which makes it really enjoyable because I feel like I already know them.

Do you have any tips for other riders?

Be careful and don’t be in a hurry in wet weather! Make sure you take proper precautions before you step out and start riding.