Riders of Deliveroo: Meet Mario

We are very excited to introduce you to Mario!

Mario has been riding with us at Manly Beach, Sydney, for 1.5 years! Learn about what he gets up to in his spare time, why he loves being part of the Deliveroo team, and some of the encounters he’s had while riding with us…

What do you enjoy doing outside of riding?

I’m Brazilian and I came to Australia at the end of 2018 to improve my English and I fell in love with this place. When I’m not riding I’m studying or practicing sports. I play beach volleyball and sometimes tennis with my friends.

What is your favourite part of riding with Deliveroo?

The upside of riding with Deliveroo is the flexibility and and it’s free login zones. 

Do you have any Delivery stories that stand out to you?

Once a dog ran towards my motorbike when I was leaving a restaurant. It was funny at the beginning until I realised it was a huge pitbull! However, as the speed increased the dog gave up.


Fun fact:

Mario was on our recent Rider Safety Advisory Panel – check it out!