riders of roo: meet Mathew

If he’s not taking photos or flying his drone, Mathew rides with Deliveroo. As a full time engineering student, flexibility is very important to Mathew. Whenever he’s in between assignments, at the library or between lectures, he switches on the app and does a few deliveries.

After almost a year and half riding with Deliveroo, Mathew loves getting to meet new people while riding with us. In his own words, “I love it when I deliver to hungry customers and see the joy in their face. A lot of people get excited and yell in joy to their kids or friends that food is here”. He also enjoys the interaction with our restaurant partners and has even become a familiar face.

Mathew also has some handy tips for new riders – “Never miss out on peak hour, always help to pick up hours when someone drops it at the last moment, life happens. Always wish the customers to enjoy their meal or at least say, ‘Have a good day/night!’”