riders of roo: Meet Salman

Meet this week’s Roo hero, Salman. He used to be an English teacher back in his home country before moving here with his wife. “Teaching kept me grounded for quite a long time and I had to do something that kept me on the move all the time, and I found Deliveroo!” What attracted him to Adelaide is the quietness and the parks, where he’s able to go and relax.

Salman’s favorite part about riding with Deliveroo is getting to be his own boss and the flexibility. He gets to choose the hours he’d like to ride, while also getting familiar with the city.

One of his hobbies includes tech. You could even call him a “gadget geek”! Other hobbies include buying and selling cars.

When asked about his favorite story while riding for Deliveroo, he had this to say: “A customer who had a mulberry tree in her yard, allowed me to pick up some anytime I want and I love it.”