He’s only been riding with us for a month but Surya is enjoying the freedom of being able to choose when to work.

On his first delivery he was faced with some serious adversity but still managed to figure out a way to get the delivery to the customer!

“I’m new to Australia and I was not familiar with the routes and addresses. That day I picked up an order and put the phone to my bike holder but the holder was not tight and it fell on the road. The second I turned back, I saw a bus going through it ☹️. Now my phone was totally dead and I had an order to deliver. All I could remember was the address. I was asking everyone how to get to that address, and I successfully delivered. The people in Melbourne are really good. The police, a girl, a guy in a shop and finally a guy from the construction site -I wanted to thank them for helping me to deliver.

Surya likes how the flexibility with riding allows him to go to uni, work on assignments and even make music. When not riding for Deliveroo, he’s making music. “Money and earning isn’t always everything. Sometimes you have to make people around you happy. [Music] gives me happiness.” says Surya.