Riding in a Free Login zone

We’ve opened up all zones in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Wollongong to Free Login until the end of December.

With Free Login, just log in when you want to work and begin accepting orders, with no need to book sessions in the Planner. You can still use the Planner regularly to see where there will be fee boosts in advance. Your booking time will be frozen and will not affect when you work – because you no longer need to book sessions!

We know this way of riding will be new to many of you, so we’ve spoken to riders who are experienced at working in this way to get their top tips!

What experienced Free Login riders have to say:

“It’s very easy to earn more money in a Free Login zone – riders can work when they want, whether that be in the morning, evening, or night time” – Sriman Reddy

“Free Login is the best because I can do deliveries very quickly and earn a good income.” – Thirunavukarasu

“If you’re open to working wherever you’re needed, you can get orders anywhere” – Salmanul

“The idea of Free Login is pretty good – it means you can choose what suburb you want to work in. You’re not confined to one area, you can explore other parts of the city and get to know more restaurants.” – Mohammed Farhan

“With Free Login, now you don’t have to come to the city into work. I’d suggest riding closer to your home – it’s more comfortable for you.” – Shivam

“Free login is good because you can ride when you want – there aren’t restrictions so you can deliver any time of the day” – Nestor

If you’re not receiving many orders through the app, another great tip is to try riding in a different area! If you have questions about Free Login in Melbourne, take a look at our FAQs.