Roo New Year Party - Roundup

We wanted to treat our roos to something a little special in the new year, so we put together a roo year party where riders would go into the draw to win $300 worth of food.

A party isn’t really a party without awesome food, delivered. Riders throughout Australia wrote in, letting us know how Deliveroo catering their party would change the vibe from alright to amazing

With 11 prizes to be given out, one winner in each city was treated to a roo-tastic party. Have a read below of their favourite foods from the party.

Ronaldo – Perth

“The food was incredible, amazing, fantastic, but my friends said it to me because I had a urgent travel in that day and I just prepared a big party for my friends(being 3 of them Deliveroo’s riders), but I could not participate with them. They said that everything was amazing, but especially the pizzas!!”

Vishnu – Wollongong

“The new year Roo party was definitely one of the highlights of 2017 for me and I’m really grateful to the Deliveroo team for organising the event. I had around 10 guests and yet we had a lot of leftovers. The pork dish from Thaigong was the highlight of the party.”

Alfredo – Adelaide

“We were so happy 🙂 We love burritos! Our favorite dish was the burritos. At the end we noticed that it was a bad idea to request soft drinks, some friends brought some beers, so we kept the soft drinks in the fridge… probably we would be able to have more burritos instead of the drinks.”

Giancarlo – Sydney

“Absolutely super happy! I would probably say the burritos and the Jalapeno Poppers! The nachos and salad were OK, but very difficult to compete against those JPs. It was so delicious that some animals inside our Warehouse went wild!”

Venkatesh – Geelong

“I enjoyed the party which was given by you. Me and my friends and had a great day on that day. There was enough party food on that day. ”