roo stories: meet Furqan

Meet Furqan, he’s been riding with Deliveroo for about one and half years. After leaving his job, Furqan was looking for work that gave him flexibility and freedom. He applied and over the next few days he was out on the road, and ,well, the rest is history. “It’s been one and half years [since I] am working with Deliveroo. [Since then] I got a lot of opportunities for work but I feel much more comfortable with Deliveroo.”

Furqan loves to travel and being outdoors, which made the choice to ride with Deliveroo that much easier. When asked if he had any tips for new Deliveroo riders, Furqan had this to say “To be very honest if you start working with Deliveroo, with your passion, you’ll have a lot of experiences that’ll help motivate you for the rest of your life.”