Sharing the road with others

Here are some tips about how you can safely share the road with others…

Sharing the road with bikes

  • Be patient and keep your distance from bike riders, allowing 1.5m if you are overtaking
  • After overtaking, make sure you are well clear of the bike rider before moving back
  • Be extra cautious of bike riders at intersections and roundabouts
  • Where there is a bike box at traffic lights, you must stop behind the white line. When the lights turn green, give the bike rider a head start
  • Do not drive in bicycle lanes
  • Give way to bike riders in bicycle lanes if you are turning across the lane 
  • Give way to anyone travelling in a lane you are moving into, including bike riders
  • Use your indicator when pulling out, changing lanes or turning, so bike riders know your intentions
  • Check behind you before opening your car door, use your mirrors and do a head check

Sharing the road with motorbikes and scooters

  • Motorbike and scooter riders are allowed to lane filter at low speed so they may appear in places you may not expect them
  • Braking distances for motorbikes and scooters may be longer than a car so ensure you leave riders with enough space
  • Motorbike and scooters are typically maneuverable and can accelerate quickly, so be mindful that conditions around you may have changed
  • Always check your blind spots before changing direction by undertaking a head check
  • Try to make eye contact with motorbike or scooter riders as this will reassure them that you have seen them
  • And just like with bikes, always use your indicator when pulling out, changing lanes or turning, so riders know your intentions

Take a look at Vic Roads’ video below on checking for bikes and motorbikes:

Information in this article was adapted from the VicRoads website.