Say hello to our new Commercial Director

We’re very excited to introduce Laura Huddle, our new Commercial Director in Australia!

She is a vital part of our leadership team and is based at our Melbourne HQ. Learn more about who she is, what she’s been getting up to, and what her plans are for Deliveroo.

What is your role at Deliveroo?

I’m the Commercial Director for Australia, which means I lead the awesome team that is driving engagement, strategy, and growth with our 11,000 restaurant partners in Australia.

What is your background?

Before joining Deliveroo, I worked at Eventbrite for nine and a half years, from the first years of the company through to our IPO last year. I held a number of different positions there – I started as the first product manager, later moved to marketing and then my last role was running sales and business development for APAC. Prior to that, I worked at Myspace (yes, the place for friends!) and taught at the University of California, Berkeley. I also completed my MBA last year from London Business School, Columbia University, and Hong Kong University.

Why are you excited to join Deliveroo?

First off, Deliveroo has been my preferred delivery app for years. I genuinely used it because it had the restaurants I wanted and the entire experience was better than the competition, from ordering to delivery. Winning my loyalty as a consumer long before I started definitely got my interest. Beyond that, it’s the mission: I am incredibly excited to be joining a company that is focused on the future of food.

What do you think is the best way to transform the way people think about and experience food?

Partnering with and enabling the success of Australia’s best and most-loved restaurants is key. There’s no doubt that the traditional restaurant sector is changing as consumers are looking for both the convenience of on-demand food delivery and an amazing dine-in experience. I’ll be focusing on ensuring that Deliveroo can best position our partner restaurants to succeed across both.

Which restaurants on the Deliveroo platform do you order from most?

Din Tai Fung, Hawker Chan, and Mamak are favourites in Australia, but a shout out to Burger and Lobster in London and Dubai – the lobster roll never disappoints!

Fun facts about Laura:

I previously ordered Deliveroo in five different countries (UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia) before ever starting to work at Deliveroo!


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