Securing kit to your vehicle

As road users, it is our responsibility to ensure anything we transport on our vehicles is properly secured.


Fallen items can lead to serious crashes, and can even result in road closures.

Did you know?

  • 80 tonnes of debris is removed from Victorian roads each month
  • A heavy load is just as likely to fall as a light load
  • Many crashes resulting from a loose load occur at low speeds

If you don’t properly secure your load, you may be fined (anywhere from $242 and above) even if your load doesn’t come loose.

Here are some tips from Vic Roads for how to properly secure items to your vehicle:

  • Avoid using rope, as it can be difficult to keep tight across your load. Instead, use webbing straps as they can be more effective and are simple to use.
  • Ensure headlights and tail lights are not covered.
  • Drive carefully and regularly check your restraints.

Information from this article was originally published on Vic Roads.