Table Service

Table Service: Deliveroo’s new contact-free dine-in option for customers


COVID-19 has put significant financial pressure on restaurants. From recent research Deliveroo conducted during lockdown, we saw that more than two thirds of restaurants believe the reduction in dine-in capacity is the biggest challenge they face. 

To help restaurants safely offer dine-in services during COVID-19, and to provide customers with the option to eat at some of their favourite restaurants again, Deliveroo has recently launched Table Service!

Table service is a new feature that lets users browse a restaurant’s menu, order, and pay at a restaurant all through the Deliveroo app. This ensures that social distancing can be maintained during the whole dine-in experience, and protects customers as well as restaurant staff.

Restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes in all cities across Australia currently providing dine-in services will be able to offer Table Service to their customers.

Deliveroo is the first Australian food delivery app to launch a feature of this kind – with the positive impact we expect it to have on restaurants and customers, we could not be more excited about rolling it out!

Helping our restaurant partners

Throughout the pandemic, Deliveroo has supported restaurants to keep their doors open by offering contact-free delivery and pickup services to help keep staff, riders and customers safe, producing best-practice guides for restaurants operating during COVID-19, and helping customers continue to show their appreciation through restaurant tipping.

As restaurants across Australia start welcoming back dine-in customers, we know that safety continues to be a priority.

Ed McManus, CEO, Deliveroo Australia, said:
“For many Australian restaurants, delivery and takeaway were the only way to stay afloat during the national lockdowns. Now, as restaurants take steps to recover from this challenging period, it is time for the government, consumers and for Deliveroo to help them reopen for dining in.

Deliveroo wants to play a significant role in helping restaurants adopt tech-led solutions to reopen safely, particularly smaller partners who otherwise would be limited by technology and financial burdens to operate safely in this new environment.

While delivery has remained our core offering, expanding our service in new areas like Table Service helps us continue to support our restaurant partners through the COVID-19 period and beyond. We are committed to developing new opportunities to help the sector’s economic recovery.”

We hope you’re just as excited about this new feature as we are! Try it out next time you decide to eat at one of your local favourites.