Tackling restaurant wait times

Deliveroo operates as a network. Every delivery is a process and every action impacts the next step.

Right now, you wait too long at restaurants and this is largely because it can take too long to find a rider to accept an order. This means that restaurants often aren’t sure if riders will be able to arrive on time and therefore they often delay prepping the delivery (sometimes until a rider arrives).

That’s why we’re increasing availability of sessions in Melbourne

September – December is our busiest time of year. 

During this period of extremely high demand, we often have more orders than riders available to deliver them.

To balance this, during this period, we will be releasing significantly more sessions for riders in Melbourne.

We’ve spoken to riders across Melbourne – here are some of the key questions about this change, answered: 

Do I still need to book sessions? 

There will be plenty of sessions available, but if you have a specific time or zone that you wish to work in, you can book a session through the self-serve booking tool where you can also see the incentives that are in place for all sessions. However, if you want to ride at the last minute, you will normally find plenty of sessions available, so you can get on the road without making a booking.

What happens to my booking statistics? 

Your statistics will be frozen in your app. These will stop changing during this period as they are not relevant for priority booking access when so many more sessions are available. 

We’ll let you know in advance when these become active again following our busiest time of year. We’ll give you plenty of notice in advance. 

Will there be too many riders on the road? 

Our aim is to match the number of riders on the road to the number of orders we receive. Right now, at super peak times, we consistently have too many orders and not enough riders. We’re making unlimited sessions available in Melbourne because we know there is the order demand available to support it. 

We only onboard riders when we are unable to meet demand. In Melbourne we are currently offering weekend-only agreements to new riders. 

What if I want to unassign myself from a delivery after I have accepted it?

Most orders run smoothly – but sometimes you might decide you don’t wish to complete the delivery even after you have accepted it in the rider app. 

If you decide that you don’t want to continue with the delivery once you have collected the food, you’ll need to contact the live support team who can unassign you from the delivery so you’ll be able to move on to your next order. 

You can contact the team via in-app chat or over the phone on 1800 766 435.