The benefits of wearing your Deliveroo kit

Our distinctive kit is one of the things that brings our global rider community together.

With your feedback we try to make sure it’s practical and useable, and that you love using it.

Here are some other benefits of wearing your kit:

You get served faster

Wearing Deliveroo kit means you’re easily recognised, so you’re noticed more quickly by restaurant staff – helping reduce your wait time.

The food stays fresh

Our bags are designed to help keep food hot and stable while you’re on the move. This means happy customers – and no messy leaks in your bags or boxes.

Customers order more

Seeing you on the streets keeps Deliveroo in customers’ minds. This means when they’re hungry they’ll reach for the app – meaning more customers for you!

You stay safer on the road

Because your safety is paramount, we worked with road safety experts to design your jackets and bags – the hyper-reflective material makes you visible to all road users.