Try out your new heatmap

From Wednesday June 3, you’ll see a new and improved heatmap in the app for you to use on the road. It’ll help you maximise the times you choose to ride, with demand information you can rely on.

Stronger coloured hexagons mean busier restaurants

Discover where’s busy, moderate and not busy to help you decide when and where to go online. The stronger the hexagon colour, the more orders available in this area.

3 new simple levels of demand

When your heatmap says it’s busy, new orders are regularly being made at restaurants in that area and more riders are needed to deliver them. When it says moderate, you can expect orders soon, but there may be a bit of time in-between. When it says it’s not busy, orders have slowed down and there’s enough riders already online in your area. So you can decide whether to explore another area or check again later.

Order demand updates in real-time

We know you need reliable information to maximise your time on the road. So your new heatmap updates every 5 minutes to show you demand in your area right now.

Fee boosts turn your map teal
When a fee boost is available, you can earn extra money on every order from that area. Look for the teal hexagons.


Hexagons represent restaurants or groups of restaurants. The stronger the hexagon colour, the busier the restaurants in those areas are. Your heatmap will show you if your current area is busy, moderate, or not busy right now. We base this on customer demand and the number of riders already online in that area. Whenever a fee boost is available in an area the hexagons will turn teal.

We’ve listened to your feedback about the demand information we give you and made changes to improve it. We’ve created 3 simple new levels to help you choose how and where to use your time most effectively – busy, moderate, or not busy.

You’ll see your map update every 5 minutes.

The size of your current area is indicated by the boundaries shown on your map before going online. For now, you need to be offline to change area. Tap the map icon in the top right corner of your offline home screen. You can view nearby areas, select them to see how busy they are currently and then tap ‘Go here’ to relocate. Google Maps or Apple Maps will open and give you directions to the centre of your chosen area.

No, you can get orders from anywhere within your current area. But it’ll help you maximise your time on the road if you’re closer to the hexagons.

When the heatmap shows an area is busy, it’s because the restaurants there are regularly receiving orders and more riders are needed to help deliver them at the high standard our customers expect. You’re free to decide which orders you want to accept and where you go to get them.

Yes. If you’re collecting an order from a teal coloured area, but delivering to a customer based outside of it, you get a fee boost for all orders that are completed.

The same data informs what every rider sees on their heatmap. Because your heatmap updates every 5 minutes the information will change based on the current customer demand and the number of riders online in that area. So the demand level you see at say 1pm, may be different than that another rider nearby will see if they check the heatmap 10 minutes later.

There is no fixed amount of orders you can expect per demand level. This is because the demand levels depend both on customer demand as well as the number of riders already online in that area.

Your heatmap will only show real-time demand information for now. One of the things riders value most about working with the Deliveroo is its flexibility – the ability to work when and where you want without having to plan ahead. We hope this improvement will help you to make the most of the time you choose to ride.

However, we do suggest riding during our most consistently busy times – these are Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings between 6pm and 8pm – in order to maximise your earnings.