Victorian driving license laws are changing

From 29th October 2019, drivers on international licenses in Victoria were given six months to convert to a Victorian license.


As the deadline for converting international licenses approaches, we want to make sure all riders in Victoria are aware of the changes and how they may be affected.

Can I still drive with an overseas license?

You can drive with an overseas license when you first arrive in Victoria, but if you plan on staying for more than six months, you’ll have to convert your license to a Victorian license within this timeframe. 

Can I use an international driving permit?  

An international driving permit is a document that validates and translates your overseas license for use in Australia. If you have an international driving permit, you can continue to use this as long as it’s:

  • Carried with your overseas license
  • From the same country as your license
  • In compliance with the United Nations convention for driving permits
  • In English 

How can I get my Victorian driver license?


Check if you’re eligible on the VicRoads website

Your eligibility for a Victorian driver license will depend on your age and how much driving experience you have had. You can check your eligibility on the VicRoads website

Check if your overseas license is recognised

If your license is from a recognised country or jurisdiction or you have driver experience from a recognised country or jurisdiction, you will just need to make an appointment with VicRoads to convert your license. However, if your license is from a non-recognised country, you must have your license verified and complete relevant tests in order to get a Victorian license. You can find out more about recognised countries and jurisdictions on the VicRoads website

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment with VicRoads online or by calling 13 11 71. 

Prepare for your appointment by bringing:

Information in this article was originally published on the Vic Roads website.