wearing protective gear

When riding your motorcycle or scooter you should always be riding with protective gear.  This will keep you safe while on the roads and help you brave the elements.

Helmet – You should always be wearing a helmet that meets the Australian Standard. If the helmet has either a visor or face shield this must also meet the Australian Standard. Remember that it is strongly recommended that you remove your helmet before entering properties such as restaurants and banks.

Boots  & Gloves – By wearing proper boots and gloves this reduces your chances of serious injuries if involved in a crash. The gloves should fit comfortable and not restricting. Motorcycle boots will help protect your feet and ankles, other footwear such as sandles do not provide the same level of protection.

Jacket & Pants – Protective gear, such as motorcycle jackets and pants, have been specially design to provide you with comfort and safety while riding.  You should also wear a high vis jacket or vest over your protective jacket, this ensure you’re visible at all times of the day during all types of weather.