we’re growing our service!

Our service has grown a lot in the past five years. Since our founder, Will Shu, completed the first ever Deliveroo delivery in 2013, we’re incredibly proud that we’ve grown to work with over 6,000 riders across the Australia. We also work with 7,000 brilliant restaurants.

Recently, we announced plans to add thousands of great restaurants to the Deliveroo platform by the end of this year, expanding our range to offer customers choices that fit every taste and budget in every neighbourhood that we work in.

Some of these restaurants will work with their own fleets of drivers – the first time we are hosting these on our platform. However, we will also be giving them the opportunity to work with you, Deliveroo riders, whenever they need to.

This is great news for you and your earnings. Not only will there be more restaurants on the app sending you deliveries, but working with so many more well-loved businesses will mean more customers will visit our platform – boosting the overall number of deliveries that will be available to you.

At Deliveroo, we’re committed to offering the well-paid flexible work that you tell us you want. For restaurants that operate their own driver fleets, these drivers will continue to work with them directly. These drivers will only complete deliveries for the restaurants they work with, and not be available for deliveries from any other restaurant. These drivers won’t work on the Deliveroo rider app and won’t book sessions through self-serve booking – so there will be no increased demand for bookings.

Additionally we will continue to keep adding thousands of restaurants who don’t do their own delivery in the coming months to help drive increased demand by offering customers even wider selection.

We’re proud to be adding a greater range of restaurants, for the choice that it will bring our customers, and also for the increase in deliveries that we will be able to offer riders across Australia.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about this new update in the coming weeks and months.