When to use the Safety Concern button

We want to ensure all of our riders feel safe while they are making deliveries.

To better understand the specific locations and/or conditions that make you feel unsafe during sessions, we’ve built a ‘Safety Concern’ feature into the Rider app. This feedback is very important to us – it enables us to take necessary measures to help you feel safe and at ease while completing deliveries.

How can I submit a safety concern?

You can submit a safety concern once you have marked an order as delivered by rating your delivery with ‘thumbs down’, and then choosing ‘safety concern’ from the list of reasons.  

When should I submit a safety concern?

You should submit a safety concern if you feel unsafe while completing deliveries, for example:

  • In a poorly-lit areas (alleyways)
  • In a remote areas (parks, etc.)
  • Due to aggression/unusual behaviour from customers
  • Due to road or weather conditions

What we do with this information

When we receive a notification through the ‘Safety Concern’ button, our Rider Support team will get in touch with you to better understand the issue and what we can do to address it.

For other enquiries that do not relate to safety, please email us at [email protected].